How to care them?

By caring for your shirt in the right way, you not only increase its life length, but also decrease its negative impact on the environment.

Always follow the washing instruction for each shirt.

– Unbutton, turn up the collar and turn the shirt inside out. 

– Do not overfill the washing machine. 

– Set the washing machine on a low spin-dry. 

– Once the washing program is finished, hang it on a hanger and button the collar. Stretch the cuff, collar and front placket softly. Do not wring the shirt. 

– A light ironing may be desirable for that extra finishing touch. Avoid ironing the cuffs and collar on a high heat setting, lower the heat and iron them gently.

For normal wear shirts we recommend a 30-40C washing program. For more soiled shirts you can use a 40-60C washing program and if needed pre-treat any stain with a detergent approximately 30 minutes before washing. Set the machine on low-spin dry program, which saves energy and reduces the wear and tear. Always try to fill your washing machine – without overfilling. Measure washing powder accurately and follow the advice on the washing powder package in order to reduce any surplus. The amount of washing powder is determined by the hardness of your water. Softer water requires less washing powder. Furthermore, we do not recommend using a fabric softener since it is unnecessary to get the shirt clean. If possible let your shirt dry on a hanger in room temperature.